24 May

The FIFA President also personally congratulated... Ulsan smiles brightly as it participates in the Club World Cup

Group stage against prestigious teams such as Real Madrid and Manchester City...

We expect the prize money to increase depending on the guaranteed size of at least 3 games ... Traveling to the U.S. is burdensome in the ‘return of the season’

“Very, very congratulations on participating in the newly renovated 2025 FIFA Club World Cup.

Congratulations. 바카라사이트

“Korea’s Ulsan HD FC.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino posted a congratulatory video on a social networking service as soon as Ulsan defeated Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan) 1-0 on the 17th.

Ulsan played at home, Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium.

By winning the first leg of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) semi-final against Yokohama, they received the gift of qualification for the Club World Cup in 2025, officially named 'Mundial de Clubes FIFA'

The Club World Cup is President Infantino’s ‘ambitious project’.

Originally, the Club World Cup involved seven teams competing, including club competition champions from six continents and the host country's league champions.

A competition was held every year on a small scale.

Although it was a competition to determine the world's strongest club, it had a strong 'off-duty tournament' nature.

It will be different from the Club World Cup to be held in the United States from June to July 2025.

Now, it has truly been upgraded to a large-scale competition befitting the name ‘World Cup.’

32 teams from around the world participate, and it is held once every four years.
The process is the same as the existing World Cup, the world's best national competition.

32 teams compete in 8 groups.

1st and 2nd place in the group advance to the tournament to determine the final winner.

However, there is no match for third place.

If you win the right to participate, you are guaranteed at least three games even if you are eliminated in the group stage.

Rather than an unofficial match such as a friendly match against a world-renowned team from Europe or elsewhere, they were given the opportunity to compete in an official competition that includes both a group stage and a tournament.

In the European Football Association (UEFA), the center of world soccer, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid (Spain), Manchester City, Chelsea (England), Bayern Munich (Germany), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Juventus, Inter Milan (Italy), as well as 12 other prestigious teams have confirmed their participation.

FIFA distributed a total of four tickets to Asia.

Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan) took one piece each.

With the win against Yokohama, Ulsan overtook Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 'Federation Rankings' based on ACL performance over the past four years, becoming the third Asian team to advance to the Club World Cup.

Coach Hong Myung-bo said at the post-game press conference, "I am happy to have secured a ticket to represent Korea at the Club World Cup.

I think it is the greatest gift for the players, club, and fans."

There is another reason why Ulsan is happy about participating in the Club World Cup.

It's a prize money.

According to the Ulsan club, FIFA has not yet been informed of the size of the prize money.

AFC also said that nothing was known.

According to The Athletic, the total prize money for last year's Club World Cup, which was held with seven teams, was $15 million (about 20.6 billion won).

As FIFA seeks to maximize marketing, sponsorship, and broadcasting revenue by expanding the system to 32 teams, many predict that the prize money will also increase significantly.

Some foreign media reported that the clubs would receive about 80 billion won just for participating, but Ulsan club officials did not expect FIFA to actually pay such a large amount.

Still, I expect there will be a large amount of prize money that will be of great help to the club.

The prize money for winning K League 1 last season was 500 million won.

However, the Club World Cup also has ‘dark parts’.

When FIFA announced the expansion of the competition to 32 teams in December 2022, it first encountered opposition from the International Football Association Board (FIFPRO).

FIFPRO was concerned that as the schedule becomes more condensed, player fatigue will increase and the risk of injury will increase.

Unlike European teams who will finish the season and go to the Club World Cup, Spring and Autumn Festival K-League teams have the burden of having to compete in the middle of the 2025 season.

If you continue to win the tournament after passing the group stage, the competition period will extend up to four weeks and the number of games will increase.

Even if you win, you can't just like it.

The Korea Professional Football League's position is that since there are only a small number of teams participating in this competition, the league cannot be stopped during this period for the sake of these teams.

Instead, they say they will adjust the schedule to make the most of midweek games.

It is expected to place a significant burden on the team's management as it has to compete not only in the Club World Cup but also in the ACL and cup competitions.

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