01 Mar

Who is the New Chairman of the Football Association's Power Strengthening Committee?... "Need for Fesh People"

The national team is scheduled to be convened on March 11th... Lee Young-pyo, Lee Im-saeng, Jeong Hae-seong, etc.

“We need a different card.

Blood transfusions outside of the Football Association should also be considered."

The Korea Football Association, which dismissed coach Jurgen Klinsmann, is concentrating on selecting a new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, which will lead the process of selecting a new national team head coach.

Korea Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu announced the dismissal of Coach Klinsmann on the 16th, calling for a new strength strengthening.
Along with the composition of the committee, the appointment of a new chairperson was promised. 카지노사이트

Coach Klinsmann's appointment process was led by Michael Müller (Germany), chairman of the Power Strengthening Committee.

Chairman Müller, who took over as head of the Power Strengthening Committee in January of last year, was in charge of selecting a successor to coach Paulo Bento, who parted ways with Korea after the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and chose coach Klinsmann.

Coach Klinsmann ultimately selected him as the leader to lead the Taegeuk Warriors despite the assessment that he had not achieved any significant results while leading the German national team from 2004 to 2006, except for achieving third place in the 2006 German World Cup.

After taking office, Coach Klinsmann did not properly fulfill his promise to live in Korea and was shunned by fans as he failed to bring his soccer colors to the national team.

In the end, Coach Klinsmann was eliminated in the semifinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, which he aimed to win, and not only did he fail to properly maintain the national team's organizational skills, but it was also revealed that there were physical clashes between national team players, and he did not even last a year in office. He was fired.

As Coach Klinsmann was dismissed, Chairman Müller of the Power Strengthening Committee, who appointed Coach Klinsmann, also resigned, and the Football Association was now forced into a situation where it had to hasten the formation of a new Power Strengthening Committee.

With the 2026 North and Central America World Cup Asia 2026 World Cup qualifier against Thailand (home on March 21, away on March 26) just over a month away, the appointment of a head coach to lead the national team is critical.

The national team will be convened on March 18th and begin preparations for the match against Thailand.

As the selection of the national team's head coach is the responsibility of the Strengthening Committee, the Football Association is contemplating the appointment of a new chairman.

Only when a power reinforcement committee is formed can a decision be made on whether to play the March international match under a 'temporary command tower' system or to quickly select a new official command tower.

However, in a situation where there is not enough physical time to select a new, thoroughly verified head coach, it is highly likely that the A-match will be played in March with a temporary head coach in place.

If we are pressed for time, the Football Association may end up in the ‘B’ position in negotiations with a new manager candidate.

In order to select candidates for a new head coach, the priority is to select a novel power strengthening committee chairman who can satisfy the expectations and sentiments of domestic soccer fans.

Currently, names such as soccer commentator Lee Young-pyo, soccer association technology development committee chairman Lee Im-saeng, and soccer association competition committee chairman Jeong Hae-seong are being floated as candidates for the chairman of the power enhancement committee both inside and outside the soccer association.

A soccer player who served as a member of the Power Strengthening Committee said, “The Chairman of the Power Strengthening Committee needs a different card.”
He added, “You need to select someone who is fresh when you feel it from the outside.

Not only is expertise in soccer necessary, but also the ability to communicate with members of the Power Strengthening Committee.”

"We must also have English speaking skills in preparation for the arrival of foreign coaches,” he emphasized.

An official from the Football Association also explained, “Considering the national team convocation schedule in March, a new power strengthening committee chairman must be selected within one to two weeks at the latest,” adding, “Discussions are continuing internally.”

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