24 May

Singing with the spring breeze... ‘Motorsports Festival’ Super Race opens on the 20th

Rounds 1 and 2 will be held at Everland Speedway on the 20th and 21st, and a total of 9 rounds will be held until November... Night races are also held three times.

The 2024 One Super Race Championship, Korea's best 'motorsports festival', is ready to ride the spring breeze of April and awaken the racing instincts of fans who have been shivering all winter.

This season's Super Race will be held as the '2024 O-NE Super Race Championship' with the integrated delivery brand O-NE of CJ Logistics, the main sponsor, in the competition name. 파워볼

There have also been changes in detailed events and schedules.

In addition to the highest level Super 6000 class, GT class, GT4 class, Prius PHEV class, M class, Radical Cup Korea, and Korea Trofeo (motorbike) will be held.

Among these, the 'GT4 Class', which is a rear-wheel drive coupe-type sports car, and the 'Prius PHEV Class', which is a single model of Toyota's 5th generation Prius PHEV (plug-in hybrid), will make their debut.

In the Super 6000 class, which attracts the most attention from fans, 17 drivers from 6 teams compete to be crowned champion.

The competition, which had been held for 8 rounds until last year, was expanded to 9 rounds.

Rounds 1 and 2 (20-21) will be held as a double round at Yongin Everland Speedway, round 3 (May 19) will be held at Yeongam Korea International Circuit, round 4 (June 15) will be held at Inje Speedium, and round 5 will be held at Inje Speedway.

(July 13) at Everland Speedway, Round 6 (August 24) at Inje Speedium, Round 7 (October 12-13) at Korea International Circuit, Round 8-9 (November 2-3) ) is held as a double round at Everland Speedway.

In particular, the period from June to August is called the 'summer season' and 4 to 6 rounds of night races are held to provide fans with a 'midsummer night speed competition'.

Pride competition’ between ‘30-year-old veteran’ drivers
The topic of this season’s Super Race Super 6000 class is the pride competition between veteran drivers.

Last year, Lee Chan-jun and Lee Chang-wook (Ecsta Racing), both born in 2002, swept the first and second places in the driver rankings, leading to a surge of young blood.

However, Lee Chan-jun enlisted immediately after the end of last year's season, and Lee Chang-wook's team, Ecsta Racing, decided not to participate in this season's Super Race, so the '2002-born sensation' ended with one season.

In addition, Kim Jae-hyun, who ranked 3rd in last year's driver rankings, was unable to compete in the Super 6000 class this season due to his team, Volgas Motorsports, not participating in the Super Race, and all of the drivers ranked 1st to 3rd last season were eliminated.

For this reason, this season's Super 6000 class is attracting attention to the battle of maturity between veteran drivers.

This season's driver's championship race appears to have been condensed into a two-way match between Jeong Eui-cheol (37, Seohan GP), who took fourth place in the driver rankings last year, and Kim Dong-eun (32), who returned to the Super 6000 class after two years as One Racing's 'ace'.

Jeong Eui-cheol, a ‘Century Club member’ who has competed in a total of 119 races, is a talented driver who has become the driver’s champion twice (2016, 2020).

Kim Dong-eun, who is competing against him, participated in 92 matches in his personal career and won 7 times.

In particular, Kim Dong-eun stands on the highest podium in the opening race held at Yongin Speedway in 2016, so he is aiming to become the ‘opening race champion’ for the first time in eight years.

Record-breaking 'something to see'

Jun-Fitted Racing's '40-year-old' driver Jin-Woo Hwang achieved a total of 49 consecutive completions by completing the race consecutively from the first round in 2018 to the eighth round in 2023.

If he completes the race to the end in this opening race, he will succeed in completing the Super 6000 class '50 times in a row' for the first time in history.

Jinwoo Hwang has participated 96 times and completed 89 times, recording a completion rate of 92.7%.

Jeong Eui-cheol attempts to break the ‘most pole positions’ record at Everland Speedway in the Super 6000 class.

Previously, Jo Hang-woo (Korean Competition) maintained first place in this category by taking pole position five times at Everland Speedway, and if Jeong Eui-cheol takes pole position in the opening race, he will tie the record.

In the Super 6000 class, which is now in its 17th season, the probability of 'pole to win' (1st place in qualifying and 1st place in finals) for the driver with the previous opening race pole position was 62.5%.

It is also of interest that Jeong Eui-cheol will tie the record for 'most pole positions' in Everland Speedway history in this season's opening race and be named as the 11th opening race 'pole to win' driver in history.

Meanwhile, this season's Super Race will be broadcast live in the Super 6000 class and GT·GT4 class through KBS 2TV.

In addition, you can watch all class matches of the Super Race Championship live on the Super Race YouTube channel and Naver Sports.

Tickets for the opening match can be reserved through Naver Reservation or the official website, and can also be purchased on-site on the day of the competition.

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