24 May

Kang So-hwi, who opened the era of women's volleyball annual salary of 800 million won... 6 transfers in the FA market

IBK Industrial Bank makes a big move as a free agent by recruiting Lee So-young and Lee Joo-ah

Kang So-hwi transferred to the Korea Expressway Corporation and opened the '800 million won era of annual salary' in Korean women's professional volleyball.

The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) released the results of free agent contracts on the afternoon of the 17th, when the 2024 V-League women's free agent (FA) market closed. 카지노사이트

Outside heater Kang So-hwi, who attracted attention as the 'biggest fish' even before the free agent market opened, left GS Caltex and transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation, signing a three-year contract worth 2.4 billion won.

Kang So-hwi can receive up to 800 million won per year (annual salary 500 million won, option 300 million won) for three years.

This is a new salary record for the women's division, exceeding the 775 million won of Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) and Park Jeong-ah (Pepper Savings Bank), who were the highest earners in the 2023-2024 season, by 25 million won.

The opening of the ‘800 million won annual salary era’ was expected.

KOVO limits the maximum player salary based on the salary cap.

One player's salary can be 25% of the team's total salary, and options can be up to 50%.

The 2023-2024 season women's salary cap was a total of 2.8 billion won (annual salary 1.9 billion won, options 600 million won, victory allowance 300 million won), and the maximum compensation a player could receive was 775 million won (annual salary 475 million won). , option worth 300 million won).

In the 2024-2025 season, the salary cap increases to 2.9 billion won (annual salary 1.9 billion won, options 600 million won, victory allowance 300 million won), and a maximum of 800 million won can be received.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who is not a free agent but is eligible for a contract renewal, also seems likely to sign for 800 million won next season.

Including Kang So-hwi, a total of 6 people started a new home in this free agent market.

The club that moved most actively was IBK Industrial Bank.

IBK Industrial Bank simultaneously recruited outside hitter Lee So-young and middle blocker Joo-ah Lee.

Lee So-young receives a total annual salary of 700 million won (annual salary 450 million won, options 250 million won), and Joo-ah Lee receives a total annual salary of 400 million won (annual salary 330 million won, options 70 million won) for three years.

Libero Han Da-hye, who played for GS Caltex, transferred to Pepper Savings Bank, and outside heater Choi Eun-ji transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Although GS Caltex signed outside heater Kim Joo-hyang (former Hyundai Engineering & Construction), a large number of free agents left the team and middle blocker Han Su-ji retired, making it impossible to avoid a power vacuum.

Four out of six FA transfer students are ‘A grade’.

A club that transfers a grade A free agent with an annual salary of 100 million won or more must compensate the original affiliated club with '200% of the previous season's annual salary and one person other than the six protected players determined by the club' or '300% of the previous season's annual salary.'

A team that recruits a Class B free agent with an annual salary of less than 50 million won to 100 million won will pay 300% of the previous season's annual salary to the original affiliated team without any compensation players.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Korea Expressway Corporation, and Pepper Savings Bank, which recruited Grade A free agents, will deliver the list of protected players to their original clubs by noon on the 18th, while GS Caltex and Heungkuk Life Insurance will select compensated players by 6 p.m. on the 21st.

Announces his intention to give up the nomination of a compensation player.

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